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Are you a games developer or someone looking for a cartographer and/or graphics artist to provide maps, banners, logos or other graphics for your published or soon to be published RPG? Are you a writer looking for maps or floorplans as illustrations for your stories?

Contact me and tell me that up front. :) Let's talk about your project.







When you hire me, you are commissioning me to create an image for you. I will create an image based on your specifications in order to depict your vision of your realm. A commission does not automatically give you rights to the image. (See Rights below.) If you would like an exclusive piece (which means that only you will have the rights to the art, and I will not be able to reproduce it in any way or show it without your permission),  that is a separate price. (See Prices below.)
When commissioning me for an image, please do not ask me to violate another artist's copyrights. If you show me an image that you'd like me to depict, be prepared for questions as to who did the work, where you got it, and whether you have permission to have it reproduced.




Unless specifically stipulated, I retain all copyright and reproduction rights to the drawings and images I create; this includes commissions. My copyright will appear on the commissioned image. This means that only I can reproduce the image (this applies to both profit and non-profit) for anything other than personal use.  If you wish to commission my work for commercial use or you wish an exclusive image, please tell me that up front before we negotiate a fee.

I retain the right to post all images of my creation on this web site, or any other, for personal promotion unless otherwise specified. If you wish to provide me with a link to your homepage and email, I will post them alongside the drawing or drawings you commissioned.

Please Note: The Internet is just another tool for reproduction and publishing, but this one has special rules. If you publish your commissioned image on the world wide web for your own personal use, I'd really appreciate it if:

  • You credit me directly underneath the image and
  • On the page with the image, you provide a link to this site for visitors to access. (See my Links page)


            The price for any given project is based on the level of detail, the amount of time I have to spend in research, the amount of customization the project requires, whether or not the image is for use in a published game, book, or magazine,  whether or not you wish to acquire the rights to the images, and how fast you need it. If I have to hurry, you'll pay more.

Considering these variables, it is impossible to give a fee table that would be anywhere accurate. Fees can range from $50 USD to $2500 USD based on the factors named above.  Contact me with details of your project so I can give you an estimate. Requesting an estimate, and subsequently a quote, does not obligate you to hire me.

If your project is substantial and will occupy much of my time, I may ask you for a percentage of the quoted fee at intervals during the work. 


What you get

I will deliver your image via email attachment or make it available for you to download. I can work in the following formats:
png gif jpg pdf bmp
cgm cdr jpx pic pct
mac psp psd pbm tiff
emf dcx pcx fcw ftw

This list is not exclusive. If your format of choice is not listed here, contact me.

My format of choice is PNG for raster format and PDF for a vector format.

The resolution of the exported image will be set for its intended display. My standards are 300 dpi as a default  and 600 dpi for images going to a printer for publication. If you require a different resolution, let me know. If the commission is intended for publication, I can work with your printer to deliver the format and resolution that will give optimal presentation.



What happens when you commission me

            We will likely bat email back and forth until I have gathered all the information I need to give you a quote. Once we've agreed on a price and the delivery date, I will begin work on your project or I will have given you an estimated date for commencement if I cannot begin immediately due to prior commitments.

I will make rough sketches for your approval if the project requires them. I will show you the progress of your project at crucial points during the work.

If I misinterpret your instructions, I will make corrections to the image at no additional fee. If you change the details of the image in mid-project, the fee may increase based on the amount of time I have to spend making those changes to the drawing in progress. Any increase in fee will be brought to your attention prior to the work being altered.

If your project requires a stringent deadline for completion, I expect you to be available to provide me with information I may need to advance the progress of your commission. If you disappear, I reserve the right to miss the deadline with no penalty to me.


Anything Else?

            The rights outlined here are not exclusive. These are just the answers to the most common questions I am asked or they are the common points that I make when I'm getting to know a new client. I am a professional graphic artist. I want you to be happy with the completed project, and I want to get paid for the work I do.

If you have any questions, email me. :)










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