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Coming Soon from Crescent Moon Press:

See my map of Jastain in "The Implanting," by fantasy romance author Kary Rader www.karyrader.com


Coming soon from author Jeremy Lee:

See my world map, continent map, Abriciel
city maps and Olivia's Forum map
in "Black Rose War"






Past Releases


A few places I've mapped in the past



Released February 2005 from Pegasus Press:
See my map of Averoigne in "Dark Ages Averoigne,"
an adaptation of Clark Ashton Smith's fantastic
land from Worlds of Cthulhu

Released in March 2004:
See my map of the Known Lands depicting Phil Masters' fairytale world in Steve Jackson Games'
GURPS All Star Jam 2004

March 2004--Named Profantasy Master Mapper for 2003.


The World of Llowellen
 a fantasy realm from Westarch University Press

Interactive game modules from Code Monkey Publishing


Into the Maze of the Lizard King
Adventure module for RealmQuest Game
from Fantasy Makers Industries


The World of Kralis
Epic universe from Fantasy Makers Industries

The Known Lands -GURPS All Star Jam 2004
St Catherines Hospice-The City of Lyon-Griffin Grove Gaming



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"Several months ago I began searching for some way to create a map of my world using a rough drawing I penciled on paper. In my internet search I found Allyn Bowker of Dark Leagues Fantasy Mapping.

I am so happy I did. Not only was Allyn immediately responsive, the quality of his work and the level of detail are astounding.

His knowledge of geography and map components increase the depth and richness of any fantasy realm. And besides that, he is pleasant and professional.

I highly recommend his services and loudly sing his praises since receiving my completed map."

~Kary Rader
Author of "The Implanting"


"Allyn Bowker is a master cartographer. He knows what to ask, and what to do with the answers. His work for Worlds of Cthulhu was the definition of professional: fast, efficient and above all, good."

~Adam Crossingham http://www.worldsofcthulhu.com/  Editor, The Worlds of Cthulhu


"Allyn produced a very attractive and appropriate map for me, with
plenty of discussion as to the exact requirements. Recommended!"

~ Phil Masters

GURPS author






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