Map Notes

Submissions are required to have Map Notes. In your drawing's Map Notes, include your contact information, the URLs for font and bitmap sources and any other map requirements. Also include information you think would be helpful to the folks viewing the drawing. This additional information may include, but not be limited to, where you got the inspiration for the drawing, any special features included in the drawing and how to operate them, your website URL, and copyright information.


      Zip File

To make a submission to the Core Component Challenge, zip up your FCW file and all your additions, if any, together in one file. Remember to include text/doc files, custom palette, created symbols, non-system fonts (in their original zip with all accompanying documentation), bitmaps, and anything else that is necessary to view your drawing.

Naming Convention

Use your initials and a descriptive name for the FCW. My Piadra Gate FCW might be named AB_Piadra.FCW. Use the same naming convention for the zip file


Send your zip file to with the subject header: Core Component Challenge Submission. I will reply to your submission to let you know I received the file.