"Can we include bitmaps that are free for personal use and available on the web? I assume from the structure that we CANNOT use bitmaps that we make ourselves (since these are created outside the core application)."

My interpretation of the rules is that the drawings be made in the basic CC2 program with components that 1) come with the basic CC2 Pro install, 2) can be obtained freely, legally, and easily to add to the CC2 Pro install. Look at rule #3.

3. You may use any public domain or reusable fonts, bitmaps, symbols and parts as long as you provide a full URL to their location, they are obtained freely, legally and without requiring payment, and you provide them in the downloadable map zip.

Any fonts, bitmaps, symbols and parts that you use have to be legally obtainable by the other folks without requiring payment. You must have permission to distribute them. If you create the bitmaps that you use in your submission, you have the authority to allow them to be distributed, and submitting them with your drawing zip constitutes your permission to do so.

The intention, if I'm not mistaken, is that a person with *just* the CC2 Pro core product can recreate your drawing without buying anything extra. If you include your bitmaps in your zip with your submission, that person does not have to make an additional purchase to create the look and style of the drawing you made.

       "It is good that you have a list of catalogs that come with the base install. Will you post it for us, who have no idea? Will this list include things that may have come with an upgrade, rather than a purchase?"

Yes. The list can be found in the How To section, Core Components document. The list includes symbols, parts, and templates that come in a plain CC2 Pro install with UU8 applied. The base CC2 Pro install does include Dungeon and City symbols. Check the list for which symbols catalogs are 'legal'.

      "So, can we use bitmaps to increase the number of available colors instead of using a custom pallet? Can we use Simon's way of making bitmap symbols to use as symbol fills?"

Yes, and yes as long as the bitmaps adhere to rule 3 and can be distributed with the drawing.

      "Can we submit maps that have already been completed?"

Any drawings that fit the criteria and that have been completed prior to the launch of the Challenge may be submitted providing that they have not yet been made available for distribution (ie: uploaded to the download library or the CC2 Community Map site).

      "Do I retain the copyrights on my map?"

Yes. As the creating artist, you retain the copyrights to the map(s) you submit to the Challenge. By submitting them to the Challenge, you are giving your permission for the map to be distributed--initially through the Dark Leagues site and later through the Profantasy Download Library. You are also giving your permission to publish the map in CC2 documentation, or to have the map printed for the purpose of using it at conventions to showcase the software. As the creating artist, you grant those permissions, but still retain the copyrights to the map.

      "When does the Challenge begin? How long does it run?"

If you're reading this, it has already begun. The Challenge will run through October 23, 2005. Whatever drawings have made it to my mailbox by the time I wake up October 24th, will be accepted. (I'm GMT-5)

      "I don't think the Challenge is really meant for me. I'm a new user and my maps just aren't as good as those made by some of the other people."

Yes, the Challenge is meant for you, too. The Challenges aren't just about making pretty maps. They're about taking up the challenge to learn something new. If you go back and ask folks who participated in past Challenges, I'll bet every one of them will tell you they learned something new and were glad they had the experience.

      "Can I create a custom palette for my drawing?"

Yes, and you are encouraged to do so. Creating a custom palette is one of the seldom used features of CC2 that folks tend to ignore. The palette must be included in a zip with your drawing when it is submitted.