What is the CC2 Pro Core Component Challenge?

In a nutshell, use only components that come in the basic CC2 installation with UU8 applied (or components that can be obtained freely) to create a map or floorplan.

The challenge runs through October 23, 2005.

What is the purpose of this CC2 Pro Core Component Challenge?

Well . . . to challenge us.  It's also a chance for us to explore the basic elements of CC2 Pro. I'll bet there's all sorts of goodies in there that you didn't know existed.

    This challenge will be fun and I'll bet everyone comes away from it having learned something new.

Keep in mind that working with the base CC2 Pro install is more than just making drawings. It is also linking maps together, linking maps to MS documents to create adventures, creating hotspots to control sheets and layers, creating symbols, and more. Think about, not only what symbols you can use, but also what features and functions you can use.